This is the time / ΣΤΙΧΟΙ ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙΟΥ

Καλλιτέχνης: Καλομοίρα Σαράντη
Album: -
Έτος: 2011
Στιχουργός: Toni Cottura
Συνθέτης: -
Είδος μουσικής: Pop
Θεματολογία: -
Μοιράσου αυτούς τους στίχους!

I got this feeling
that my time has come
Don't like this feeling
to be on the run
Don't let nobody
take away your dreams
Let's get it started
cause you know what i mean

This is the time
the time of my life
making it right
this time i'm gonna make it
This time
i'm gonna shine
and take what's mine
i know that i can make it

Nothing can stop me
cause the time is right
nothing can stop me
i won't give up the fight

I got this vision
of a happy life
it's my decision
cause i'm living my life

Don't give up
And fight for your right
don't give up
and fight for your life